Monday, February 6, 2012

Love to Stake Another Day: The Kiss

Well, I decided to go way back for my first kiss. This is from Love to Stake Another Day. Book 2 in my Love Bites Series. To set things up for you Lyssie and Kris are in a plane that's about to crash big time. Now, it's up to Kris to save them before they can go boom. I think that brings you up to speed. Now onto the smooching!

Love to Stake Another Day
The First Kiss

“Before you trust your life to me, we need to get a couple things straight. There’s a very good chance this isn’t going to work. This is a long shot at best. I did get the idea from a movie after all, but I thought you should know.”

“I figured that out, but we don’t have a lot of options. I’m willing to trust you know what you’re doing.” A boost to his confidence couldn’t hurt. “You said there were a couple of things. What else do you have on your mind?”

“Just this.”

His lips closed over mine and all those electrical shocks you hear about in the movies came flowing through me. Whatever hesitation had fueled me earlier abruptly and utterly deserted me. The press of his lips into mine felt unlike anything I’d ever experienced in my life. I didn’t even flinch when his hand cupped my cheek drawing me in deeper to his embrace. Normally touching me without my leave would have earned him a quick excruciatingly painful death. Lucky for him the kiss distracted me before I could knife him. It’d happened before, so it was a worry of mine.

I reached the point where my brain whispered naughty things into my ear. Stuff like ripping my clothes off and throwing him across the nearest place that would be suitable to you know have…the sex with unbridled passion and all that kinky crap you read about. I was considering copilot’s chair when the warmth of his touch left me licking my lips and wondering why he tasted like watermelon lip gloss.

“Wow!” Who said that? Damn, it was me.

Kristain fell back against the wall. “Yeah.”

“You should know. I will have to kill you for that later.” I sounded breathless and wanting. Gawd, what if I came off slutty too. Not sure if I could live with slutty. How could one kiss, from a human no less, turn me into a slobbering breathless slut? There was that word again.

“Make you a deal.” He reached over and stroked his finger down my cheek. “Let me save us from this certain death, then you can kill me all you want but I get to pick the death of my choice.”

I saw a perverted angle to his reasoning, but at that point I didn’t care. The naughty bits had taken over. Whether we survived the next few minutes or not, I was afraid something worse than death awaited me. Looking into Kristain’s twinkling blue eyes I thought I knew what it was and was too damned scared to admit it to myself.


  1. This 'plays' well in my head. I love it. You can tell Kristain has wanted this for awhile, and he's taking his chance while he's got one.

  2. Love and comedy, always a good combo.

  3. Hey JMO! "Love to Stake Another Day" was one of the first DBP books I read and I loved it! This kiss scenen is so much fun :) and just a bit naughty!

  4. Ooooohhhhh! That means I picked a good 'un! Glad you liked it. I am naughty, aren't I?

  5. Oh, JMo, JMo, JMO, I laughed through the whole excerpt. That is what you wanted, right? lol
    Great first kiss!

  6. Thanks, Tami. Of course laughing is what I wanted. Otherwise, that would have just been sad.