Friday, February 17, 2012

Ceana and Royal's first kiss...If only she were who he thought she was. Innocent Deception

As if her thoughts had conjured him, Royal spoke softly, his big, battle scarred hand gently stroked her hair. She wanted to scream that her name was Ceana, not Sorsha, and his compassion was wasted on one such as her.
A maid and a liar.
She sniffed. "I'm sorry, husband, for shaming ye."
"Lass, the shame is that ye w-were so very h-hungry in the first place." He soothed, sitting next to her. "I noticed ye did not eat much yesterday, I should have t-taken better care of ye then, or at least ordered ye a meal h-here in our chamber this first morn. It is I who apologize."
She lifted her eyes to his and her heart all but burst with gratitude and shame. With awkward moments she wound her arms around his neck, then burrowed into his warmth, absorbing his quiet strength.
He smelled of man and woods.
Ceana decided, then and there, although there was nothing she could do regarding the lie she had agreed to live, she would do everything in her power to make Royal proud. She would be the best wife she could possibly be to him. If somehow she survived this bitter masquerade, she would be eternally grateful to the guardsmen who, for whatever their reason, had chosen her to be his.
 Royal wrapped his arms around her with a tenderness that made her throat tighten. He brushed his hands up her back, creating a hot, shivering trail on her flesh, then he sifted his fingers through her hair and her eyes half closed in wonderment. The warmth of his breath touching her cheek made her shiver. He kissed the curve of her neck, slowly worked his way along her jaw, then hovered at her mouth, his storm gray eyes smoldering with something she could not identify.
"Lass," he murmured. "If it pleases ye, I w-would like to make ye my wife in t-truth."
She swallowed, gazed deeply into his eyes, knowing if she agreed, there would be no turning back from her deception. "Aye, husband, I would like that very much."


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  2. Thank you, Gail, so glad you like it. :-)

  3. Tami, You know how much I love this story - all of it. You really know how to steal hearts!!

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