Friday, January 27, 2012

My name is Tami Dee ...

Hi! Well, it looks like it is my turn to introduce myself.
My name is Tami Dee.... <insert cricket chirp here>
Let's see, I could start off by telling you that I am pretty shy.... but anyone who already knows me will turn right around and tell you I'm not shy at all, so what would be the point?
Seriously, I am honored to be a part of The Writer Limits, the company I keep over here is top notch. JMo, Jennifer, Steph, Amber, Gail and Patti are just as nice in real 'virtual' life as they are here, in er-- Blog 'virtual' life.
Okay, so down to the business of telling you a little something about me. (But not so much you could do a Google search and come up with my address--lol)
First and foremost, I should tell you I have dyslexia. Stories have sifted through my head since I can remember, yet trying to get those stories from my head to paper has been daunting to say the least. I love to read, and, despite the struggle, I love to write. It's a pleasure to create worlds that take readers to another place, another Time, and offer them … possibilities. There is no limit to where the imagination can go.
As I will not have a handy dandy editor to look over my posts on this blog, it will not be long before you notice my rather - odd - way of expressing myself and the ever present spelling errors my dyslexia dos not allow my eyes to 'see'.
*Shrug* Bear with me?
I often hear people speak about 'writing styles' and just as often I wonder what my own writing style is. Lol
I do know that my stories are completely character driven. As an example, when I started Under A Viking Moon, Leif did not even have one brother, much less three!  Ideas, inspiration and impressions came at all hours of the day and night. I jot down notes on pretty much any writable surface you can think of, then type the notes into my word document at the first opportunity.
That first book became part of a four book series, The Mists of Time Viking Series, to be exact. (Each book in the series went on to become Desert Breeze Publishing Best Sellers-- by the way. :-))
Why Vikings? I guess because I was fascinated by the fact that the Norse, (Vikings) were pretty much regular people in the times they lived in. Over population and limited resources drove many abroad, seeking income and new places to set down roots.
It was how they gained that income and set down those roots that earned them their reputation as ‘blood thirsty.’ 
The churches of their times proved to have abundant riches within them which was left unprotected and easy takings for these skilled warriors.
But not all Norse were pillagers and conquers. The Norse people were also made up of traders, farmers, ship builders and explorers. Honor and pride was important to the Dark Age Norse, and they valued and protected their families. I tried to focus on these attributes while allowing the harshness of the times to show thorough thought process and actions within my stories.
After completing my Viking series, I tried my hand at a Scottish Historical, Innocent Deception. After all, I adore reading Scottish Historical, so how hard could it be to write one?
Ha! I soon found out.  Just picking a date to set the story in was a time consuming challenge. With the help of my Celtic Hearts Romance Writers loop, I was able to glean details to make my story as authentic as possible.
I have another historical coming out June 1, 2012, it is entitled Love's Fragile Embrace. Not Scottish, but English this time. I am also working on another series, Time after Time, this one I am co-writing with fellow Desert Breeze author Lynette Endicott (It's really her baby). The first book is entitled Animal Instinct, will be released August 21, 2012. This series is a fantasy romance, driven by ancestral memories.
Lynette and I are having such a good time working together on it.
And then there is the screenplay I am working on.... Well, I will save that for another post.
Let's see, what else?
I am a member of Romance Writers of America, Desert Breeze connections, RWA Scriptscence, RWA Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, RWA San Francisco Area Romance Writers and RWA  Hearts Through History.
Support loops, interaction with other authors, AND the readers we strive to please are vital in this line of 'work'.
Because, frankly, when our muses are whispering in our ears, we authors are pretty much loners as our stories unfold.
I am always looking for more Friends, fell free to friend me at
Or, if you're more a follower, you can follow my brilliant, witty, and blessedly short, tweets!
If you just want to see what's going on in my little part of the literary world, visit my web site at
And, of course, I will see you all right here at The Writer Limits the 2nt and 4th Fridays every month!
Happy Reading!


  1. Great introduction! I love your Vikings and it is nice to see why you love them. It really comes through in your books. That said. I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

  2. Tami, you are one busy bee! You are such an inspiration to write like you do with your dyslexia and your Vikings are hot. LOL!! Looking forward to more stories from you, Sweetie.


  3. Waving, Tami. This was so fun getting to know you better. You know how much I loved your Innocent Deception. It's a favorite story of mine - I think I told you more than once. :) Good luck with your new blog. It looks super. Hugs!

  4. Hi, Paisley!!!! Waving and blowing kisses. Thanks for the kind words about Innocent Deception, I am so glad you liked it. Feel free to visit anytime, the authors who will be posting are very fun. Oh, and don't be shy about sharing your.... photos. (you know who I'm talking about.) lol.

  5. Beautiful blog site. I don't know how you keep up with all your activities, but I wish you the best of time and prolific story thoughts. Best wishes.

  6. Hi, Delores, thanks so much for stoping by. I think it would be easier to keep up if I did not have that pesky day job. lol. Thanks so much for the best wishes, you're so sweet.

  7. Hey Tami! I adore your Viking boys... they are very yummy in my head! LOL :) Thanks for sharing your story and your struggles. My biggest writing hurdle is spelling. I can't spell to save my life. Thank God for spellcheck!

  8. Hey Tami. Can't wait for the new book to come out. I admire your determination to write with dyslexia. That's awesome. And sharing that is important because your stories are wonderful and the fact that you are writing through that difficulty inspires me in my own writing as I know it will inspire others. Keep on keeping on!

  9. Hi, Jenn! Fancy meeting you here. hahah. I am glad you adore my boys, they think your pretty special also. Spelling. Ug. Yah, spell check is great, if only it could read your mind and know when the right spelling of a word, was the wrong way to spell the word in the sentence you were writing..... I just made myself dizzy.

  10. Waving to Jillian! Hey, girl, thanks for stopping by!You're a sweetheart and I love your writing also. Having one anothers support is what it's all about!

  11. Tami, you are an inspiration to anyone else who struggles with learning disabilities (like my daughter), to show them it doesn't have to stop you. Might slow you down, but as long as you're persistent and follow your calling, you can do it.

  12. Oh, Gail, thank you for that. I am glad that your daughter has you, and you understand what she is going through. When I was growing up, I was simply the girl who got bad grades and no one much cared why.

    1. We've figured out over the last few years the issues she struggles with were some of the very things my father, her grandfather, struggled with in school. he often used to transpose numbers when he wrote them down, or when he did math. He'd have to ask for a phone number at least three times, and read it back to you a couple times until he got it right. But, when he was in school no one cared it was a struggle for him... they just kept calling him stupid and not helping. He eventually dropped out. The sad thing is he was very intelligent, just couldn't get it 'out' like others did. I'm glad things have changed.

  13. Ladies, this new venture is off to a wonderful start. I applaud each of you very talented and capable writers!

    Tami, I don't do werewolves, but do have north eastern Scottish ancestors. They probably met a few Vikings. Will that do?

    Seriously, my TBR list is getting longer and longer.

    Jude Urbanski