Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to the Writer Limits

Welcome to the inaugural blog of the Writer Limits!

Since this is the first blog, I guess I need to explain a bit about what the blog is all about. What is it about? It's about new worlds, old ones seen with a new perspective, and books that will take you to those worlds and beyond.

The Writer Limits is a collection of authors who span genres beyond the "Romance" norm. Then, again "norm" is subjective with the Romance of today. Where once you had Historical or Contemporary to whet your appetites, with maybe the occasional Gothic thrown in for variety, now you have everything from Paranormal to Science Fiction to Fantasy. There are sub-genres and crossovers to boot. That's a whole lot of everything for you to read.

It is also the reason we started The Writer Limits. We as authors want to connect with you the reader as much as readers want to connect with their favorite authors. This blog offers all of us the chance to do that. The seven premier authors making up the Limits write, live, and breathe these genres. But, who are these seven authors? Why are they hiding behind the big green curtain? Are they shy? Good questions, one and all.

So, I'll start with the first one.

First up in our world of Fantasy and Speculative Fiction is Jennifer Hartz. Her Future Savior series is a truly amazing twist on the genre, with elements of faith and time travel (how often do you see those two elements together), and enough twists to keep you guessing. Jennifer will take you to worlds you can only imagine.

Tami Dee gives us the perfect blend of past, present, and future with her Best Selling Mist of Time Viking Time Travel Series. From the Highlands of Scotland to the present day, she spins romance across time. And your heartstrings.

If your tastes lean toward Science Fiction and the Futuristic, we've got the deck stacked for you.

P.I. Barrington is known and acclaimed for her Future Imperfect series, a gritty blend of danger, suspense, crime drama, and romance in a less-than-perfect futuristic world where just about anything is possible, sometimes the unimaginable.

A.R. Norris kicks SciFi into high gear with her Telomere Trilogy. If you're up for a trip to a distant star on the heartbeat of love, strap in because she'll take you there at warp speed.

Gail R. Delaney rounds out our Trio of Tomorrow. The Phoenix Rebellion series redefines how we view both Science Fiction and Romance in an all too possible and not-too-distant future Earth. The familiar blends with the future, presenting a 21st Century Earth after "First Contact".

Last, but not least, is Paranormal. If you love the things that go bump in the night, we've got a duo of authors that make the night things more than bump, they beat with a love so strong not even the night can hide them in its shadows.

Stephanie Burkhart weaves tales of a Gothic world so rich with detail you can't help but be drawn into them, creating a tapestry of folklore around the mythology of the werewolf in two different times and places. Her two series, Budapest Moon and Moldavian Moon, bring the darkness straight into your furry heart.

J. Morgan, on the other hand, would rather make you laugh than give you chills. You like vampires (and not the sparkly kind), then check out his Love Bites series (and Bite Marks, coming soon). More Team Jacob-esque without the major teen angst? And maybe a side of collard greens? The Southern Werewolf Chronicles may be more to your liking. Either way, I don't recommend drinking anything while reading... it's tough to get Coke off a monitor screen.

That ends who we are... Oh, wait... I didn't explain the green curtain. We have a clubhouse back there and by February you'll have your invite to come inside. So stay tuned…

Once you step inside the Writer Limits, we're not letting you go. You can insert a grandiose Brawhahwahwahwahawa right here. We don't mind. In fact, we're doing it now.


  1. Looking forward to bringing you the Wow Factor!

  2. This is going to be fun! Perfect intro, JMo, you do us all proud!