Monday, January 16, 2012

They call me... Jmo

Welcome to the Writer Limits. That's a taste of déjà vu. Didn't I just write that same thing a couple weeks ago? I did, but today is kinda special. I kick off the first of the intros for this outstanding group of writers. Before I get to actually telling you who I am, I want to tell you how privileged I am to be in the company of these amazing women. Each one sits at the top of their perspective genres. I can't think of anyone who writes what they do better and hopefully you either know or will come to know that for yourselves. I can honestly say I stand in the presence of greatness with them.

That said. It's time to get this show on the road.

Some people call me a space cowboy. Some people call me the gantsa of love. Some people call me Mo-rice. But, the majority of the people call me J. Morgan, or Jmo for short. I hope Steve Miller forgives me for mangling the beginning of The Joker, but basically that song, or those few lines, pretty much sum up. Because, I am a joker. A dyed in the wool class clown, who grew up and decided he wanted to make people laugh, feel good, and generally forget the troubles of the real world. Even if it was for the short span of reading a book.

But, like with most of us, it took me awhile to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. For the first 36 years, I played with being an artist. Even as a kid, I loved telling stories. Only back then I liked doing it with pictures. Yep, grew up on a steady diet of comic books and cartoons that rotted your brain. At least they did according to my dad. It was a short jump from tracing comic book pages to drawing my own comics. As a result of my artistic bent, I went to college and studied hard, if spending too much time in the student union and the finer frozen daiquiris establishments can be considered hard. After graduating -- yes, I did graduate --I found artist jobs aren't as easy to come by as my guidance councilor made out. That starving artist saying is true.

So I went to work at the locally funded hell. No not Wal-Mart. I stumbled along clueless for a few years until I met my beautiful wife, Jenn. It was her that first got into writing and finally convinced me to try my hand at it. I think her actual words were, 'Stop reading over my shoulder. Go write one of your own'. Those profound words led to my first novel, a dreadful fantasy mishmash that met with more rejections than I care to admit. Finally, my wife again stepped in and said I should try my hand at writing a romance, since I'd more or less took over reading hers. That novel, The Michelangelo Blues, later rereleased by Desert Breeze Publishing went on to be my first published work.

It was a romantic suspense, so unlike what most of you would expect from me. Frankly, it wasn't me to me either. I have always loved comedies. Be it in books, movies, or television shows, British mainly on that last one. And, I loved anything spooky. I blame my mom for that. She used to make me watch Dark Shadows, whenever it came on in reruns. So, I decided to combine my two loves. And as they say, I'd found my voice. My next book, Ghost of a Chance, kicked off my career as a paranormal comedian. Did that make me sound like a Vampire with a funny bone? As long as no glitter is involved I'm fine with that.

But, my voice didn't truly find a home until Desert Breeze. They took a chance on a one-off short story that had been rejected by a couple of places I won't name. That short story under some carefully asked questions centering around "Where do you see this going?" got enlarged to become Love at First Stake. That book led into the Love Bites Series. Quite frankly, it still amazes me that people accepted it the way they have, because it is more than just a romance series. It's a combination of everything I love in books, movies and television. It's high adventure. It's a parody. It's romance. It's the unfolding story of a group of people and how they cope with the world changing around them. See, not your usual fare when it comes to a romantic comedy series.

Then, we come to The Southern Werewolf Chronicles, another comedy. In fact, it started as a joke between my wife and me. I told her I wanted to write a book about our love, but we would be werewolves. She told me to go shave my back and stop being such a Wookie. Were Love Blooms is the result of that. It is also my attempt to write a truly Southern Paranormal Romance. Let's face it, people from the South are eccentric enough without adding fur and fangs to the family tree. Being born and bred in the South, I know of which I speak.

Like any good writer, I wanted to expand my horizons and try something out of character. That's where Immortally Yours comes into play. I wanted to write a modern fairy tale. Something that captured the magic and wonder of Prince Charming and your basic insert compatible princess in this slot. I wanted to write something dark with a hint of hope. The story of Chase Michaels and Belle Garner was what came out of me. Soon, I hope to deliver the second story to spin out of that idea. Immortally Damned will tell the story of my half-vampire anti-hero Caern.

Okay, that sums up who I am up to this date. Some details have been left out because people have restraining orders in place and of course that old yadda yadda about changing the names to protect the innocent, but do you see me knowing anybody innocent enough to protect?

Before I exit stage right, I want to thank you for stopping by to check out this new venture and ask you to stick around because we're only getting started. The truly fun stuff is just around the corner. And, if you'd like to check me out away from here, I've posted a couple handy dandy links to direct you to other spots you can find all things J. Morgan.

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  1. Very nice Jmo. A great way to start off our intros!

  2. Cool beans, Jmo! Glad to learn more about you and your path to publication. That's good stuff! So proud to know you.

  3. Thanks, Melanie. Stick around. Later this week we've got more intros heading your way. I'm so excited.

  4. Hilarious Post and Intro! I love the Southern Werewolf tales and have some of the Love Bites series - just need to get in some more reading time.

  5. Great post JMo. Always fun to read about your writing antics. :)

  6. Thanks Maria. I think more reading, and writing, time is something we all could us. Glad you like the two series. We've seen some of the Weres pop up in Love Bites, but we're going to see a special appearance from one my favorite Vamps in the next Southern Werewolves. So, it'll be double trouble for both of my creatures of the funny.

  7. Diana glad you could stop by. You know how I love my antics.

  8. I kinda maybe love you a little bit. But you fibbed in this blog, you've never actually grown up, not really.

  9. I did so grow up. pout. Love you too, Jenn

  10. Jmo, I love your 'story'. Wow, what an adventure your life has been and still is! I am so happy your 'voice' found a home at Desert Breeze.....