Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Season of the Witch - by Stephanie Burkhart

In the paranormal world of the Moldavian Moon series, werewolves, vampires, and witches hide in the shadows, thriving in the moonlight. In this series, a witch can find themselves subservient to the wolves. (like Alina was to Viktor in Book 1)

In Book 2, "Twilight Over Moldavia," both the hero and heroine are witches. But do Stefan and Caroline have what it takes to defeat the fierce werewolf, Timon?

How did Stefan and Caroline become witches?

In the Moldavian Moon Series, being a witch is in their blood. Legend has it that during the dark ages, after the fall of Rome, there was no learning, no education, no art. A plague struck the Carpathian town of Sinisteri. All the villagers died except one – a young man named Marius Corvinus. Unknown to him at the time, his blood mutated, creating "ferons." Marius went to father 3 children – Piotr, Vasily, and Darius. From Darius, the vampires were created. They learned to tame the bloodlust of the ferons quickly. Vasily's progeny begot the werewolves, who still struggle with the overwhelming power the ferons in their blood harbor. Most werewolves are still feral, unable to control their bloodlusts. In the upcoming novel, "Sunrise Over Brasov" the wolf, Clement explores ways to tame the ferons in his body.

Piotr Corvinus, Marius' third son, created the witches. The ferons in his bloodline allow a witch to manipulate energy (like the force). While Piotr's abilities drove him mad, his descendents eventually learned to harness the power of their ferons. Darius' and Piotr's lines have found ways to fit into the world.

Caroline is a direct descendent of Piotr's. Stefan's bloodline is not so pure, tainted by Vasily's progeny on his mother's side.

Both Caroline and Stefan struggle to understand and master abilities as the evil wolf, Timon, pursues them. Can they overcome the obstacles they face?

5 Stars, Long & Short Book Reviews
Twilight Over Moldavia is even better than the first book in the series. It is an excellent story filled with just the right balance of romance, magic, and danger.

5 Hearts, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
The twisting story line will keep your nose in the book until you have finished. Stephanie's ability to add suspense and mystery to romances gives her stories all the more depth. If you love werewolf stories, romances, or a good book, I recommend Twilight Over Moldavia.

4 Stars, Vijaya Schartz, author
In this novel full of danger and intrigue, sexy scenes, and unspeakable secrets, the werewolves are the villains, and oh how dangerous they are, and unwashed, and uncivilized. The kind of villains you love to hate.

5 Stars, Mona Risk, Author "No More Lies"
Burkhart's writing style grabs the reader from the first page. She keeps you breathless with her suspense as she transports you to exotic areas you will enjoy discovering.

5 Stars, Karen Michelle Nutt, Author of the "Fallen Angel" Series:
"Ms. Burkhart paranormal tale is rich in history, painting a picture as clearly as if the reader is standing beside Stefan and Caroline."

5 Stars, Barbara M. Hodges, Author of "The Blue Flame"
Twilight Over Moldavia whisked me into a part of the world I knew nothing about, and gave me a wonderful love story filled with suspense too. What more could a reader desire?


Father Nicholai, the Orthodox priest, stepped forward and placed Caroline's hand in Stefan's. Then he made the sign of the Orthodox cross over them.

"May God bless you and watch over you as you begin your life together. You have the church's blessing to marry. Love is patient. It is kind, gentle, and all-knowing. Nurture such feelings in your hearts, and your marriage will be satisfying and fruitful. In the Lord's name, I bless you. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

Stefan and Caroline made the sign of the Orthodox cross, and the guests did the same.

Everyone raised their voices and said, "Amen."

"Wine for all!" Mihai said. "I have a toast!"

Waiters passed red wine to everyone and gave Stefan and Caroline a set of gold goblets. Mihai raised his glass. "A toast -- norco -- to the engaged couple. May you find true
happiness like Theresa and I have found, and as Mircea and Aurora have found as well."

Everyone raised their glasses. Stefan clinked Caroline's glass and took a long sip.

Caroline barely had her lips to the goblet when she detected a foul smell coming from it. Her stomach clenched. He gagged, the wine splashed a little on his jacket, and he collapsed on the ground, choking.

"Stefan!" Caroline fell to her knees next to him, and placed her glass next to her. Mihai
raced to Stefan's side, wrapped his arms around Stefan, and raised him up. Michael joined them. Gasps of concern filled the room. Caroline glanced at Stefan's mother. Her hands covered her mouth, and terror filled her eyes. Caroline's father rushed to her side.

Stefan's eyes snapped open. They were yellow. His cheeks narrowed, and his teeth, sharp and pointed, hung over his lower lip. Then he relaxed and slumped in his father's arms.












  1. You look so... happy... in your picture, Steph. :-)

    I enjoy your novels because you don't rely on the cliche paranormal 'explanations'. Your stories are rich with history, mythos, and intrigue.

  2. Thanks, Gail. Thought I'd go for a "darker" look with this picture. Something a little different. :)


  3. I don't think I've ever seen this picture of you before, Steph. You look like a tough cop! I enjoy your stories and this series is one of your best. Wishing you lots of sales and readers. Maggie

  4. Maggie, yes, it's a bit of a different picture for me. I usued it for the last Tabloid Purposes anthology I was in. Thanks for the well wishes, Sweetie.