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And the winner is...

And the winner of my advanced reader copy of Chameleon's Shadow is...
***drumroll please***       Dana Rodgers  :-)   congrats, Dana, thanks for your comment. Please e mail me at and I will send you your advanced reader download.


A little background about Chameleon's Shadow. I began writing this book about six years ago. It's had two other titles, the first being Destinies Journey, and then Love's Fragile Embrace. Chameleon's Shadow was to have been book three of a swashbuckling lady pirate series. Lost Eyes, Awaiting Heart is the first book, and, except for being my first sad efforts at writing it's a really cool seafaring read! The second book, is entitled Nicolas Journey. Nicolas is Elisabetta's little brother and follows his journey the night their life changed forever. Two other works in progress have sprung from this er-- should-have-been-series,  who knows, maybe someday I'll be announcing their releases.

As Chameleon's Shadow is set to release June 11, 2012, I thought I'd give you all a taste of what's to come.

Lady Elisabetta Mitchell, a pampered daughter of a murdered English Marquis, is forced to flee the only home she's ever known.
She now lives in poverty on the unfeeling streets of Southwark, London 1623.
Caught between two worlds,
she will do whatever it takes to survive.

Lord William Hunter, a nobleman with a secret.
When an unknown woman rushes into his startled embrace, battered and afraid, he vows to protect this fair-haired beauty.
Yet he cannot protect the girl who runs from him and his probing questions.
He has to find her again first.
And find her he will, no matter how long he must search.

Please enjoy this excerpt:

                   She broke into a run. To her horror the boys also started to run. Bounding around a sharp

corner she collided with an unmovable, solid object. The impact knocked the breath out of her lungs and would have knocked her off her feet had the object not had arms attached. They caught her easily, steadying her in a firm grip.

"We have to stop meeting like this, Angel."

The solid object said, amusement softening the deep, rich voice.


The boys rounded the corner, stopping short when they saw the man who was holding her by the arms. Without warning the group of thugs swarmed toward them. The breath was jarred from her lungs as her gray-eyed stranger shoved her behind his towering form. Elisabetta was shocked when he pressed the smooth hilt of his long sward into her palm. Her wrist gave out at the unexpected weight of the weapon; the tip of the blade hit the ground with a thud.

Balling his fist, he spun around and smashed it into the midriff of one of their assailants,
                 in the blink of an eye he turned and pressed her against the wall. Grasping her free
                   hand  he brought it up the cover the hilt. With a firm grip on both her hands he angled
                   the wicked blade up before her, steadying her hands to keep it in place.

"Stay!" he commanded, throwing her a steely glare to reinforce his instruction. "If they
                     get through me, use it."

The boys swarmed him like wasps returning to their hive. One by one he flicked them off
                    of his person. His fists found more than one cursing mouth, the mighty blows followed
                    by yelps of pain and indignation.

Elisabetta watched in awe as his muscles rippled and flexed under the straining seams of
                  his shirt. His face, while intent on the task at hand, looked almost bored as boy after boy
                    regained their footing and lunged back into the fray. The only sign of his exertion was
                    the sheen of perspiration now making his handsome face glow. He was a warrior
                    through and through, graceful and precise. Despite the fact he had been forced into this
                    fight, fiercely defending her honor and his person, his blows reflected thought and a
                    clear head. In spite of their provoking slurs and threats, he never once reached for the
                    sword he had thrust into her hands. For all the boys' violence, they were unarmed.
                                                                     End Excerpt

Chameleon's Shadow will be available in several electronic formats for your downloading convince. Please visit my web site after June 11, 2012 for all the links. Before June 11,2012, you may visit Desert Breeze Publishing,

Happy Reading, everyone!

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