Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In My Mind

I'm telling you all, in my mind I am so much more awesome. Action hero, kung fu master, and Jedi knight. Not a good cook though...I mean, there are limits to imagination, you know.

In my mind I always know the exact right thing to say, whether it be encouragement or a snappy comeback. I am a lemur monkey ready to strike at any ridiculous moment threatening to happen.

Hubby and my kids believe this comes from an overactive imagination, to which I reply my imagination is not overactive, their imaginations are underactive.

In reality my persona is, well let's just say, not so extraordinary.

I trip up stairs, lose my balance for no good reason (seriously, when I'm just standing I'll tip over and have to catch myself), and I never have a cool response. Okay, to be fair I do have cool responses, but only after the moment, when I'm driving home. THEN I have a million things that would've been awesome and snazzy to say.

Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly happy being who I am. It took a lot of years to accept me for me and I see the quirks as just that, quirks. They aren't faults or failings anymore.

But, my imagination is still what it is and being overactive (er - I mean just right) I love to sit back and daydream through my mind adventures. That is why I like writing. I get to experience and put to words what my mind creates. A permanency to the memory.

I also want others to read them. Yes, I know it's a bit egotistical to want others to experience my mind adventures. Like I'm such a cool thinker everyone is dying to read what I think up. But hey, every writer has a bit of ego. It's essential to publication. You have to have that touch of ego -- which is the mixture of super pride and uber guts -- to put forth your work to publishing houses.

I'd like to think that publication is my extraordinary. The super part that is real, and equals the extremely cool stuff happening in my mind. The thing my mind persona stops her adventure for, taps my mental antagonist on the shoulder and says, "Hey, check that out. That's pretty awesome."

So, who is your mind persona? If they were a character, who would they be closest to? Me, I think my persona is a blend of Bruce Lee and Wonder Woman (with maybe a touch of Optimus Prime thrown in).

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  1. In my mind's eye, I've got the body I had at eighteen, the coolness of a "serious" novelist, and the whimsy of Jennifer Aniston. In real life, I'm less spectacular... But let's not focus on that... LOL

  2. LOL! That's great Patty.

    I'd love to have that cool factor of a serious novelist, I mean, when Issac Asimove [or insert your favorite author] states some opinion, everyone listens and tries to imitate. Unfortunately, I'm too geeky to ever be that sort of serious, mentor-ish persona.