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Biblical Mirroring

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Okay, last week I visited A.R. Norris' blog and talked about why I decided to incorporate Biblical mirroring in The Future Savior Series.  Today, come along with me as I break down the first three novels in FS (Future Savior) and pull out the Biblical stories that enhance each book.  Of course, there are many small snippets of mirroring all throughout The FS Series, I'm only going to talk about a few today. 

Be sure to stay tuned to the very end!  You can catch a small excerpt from the much anticipated FS4: Desecration!

Future Savior Book One: Conception

There's the obvious theme of the Creator that runs through the entirety of not just FS1: Conception, but the whole FS Series.  However, I think for the purposes of this blog I'll stick to actual mirrored scenes and not themes... If I discussed themes we'd be here all day!

I think the first one that really stands out in Conception is the fake name Shaw uses when he's disguised as a teenage book:  Russel Samson.  Yep, this is an obvious reference to the Biblical Samson and that becomes quite clear in FS2: Resurrection.

The next scene that has significant mirroring is in King Quafin's throne room.  The way he badgers Christina to use her powers is very reminiscent of King Herod.

Another obvious one is the entrance into Verna Mount.  She's riding on a small pony and the Elves are cheering and waving branches at Christina... yep, pretty obvious.

I'm going to skip a couple for sake of space and time and jump straight to Jonus' victory over the Leviathan ruler.  This is a definite mirroring of King David slaying Goliath.

I guess I could talk about the biggest Biblical mirroring that takes place at the end of Conception... but I really don't want to ruin the ending!!!  You'll have to check it out for yourself.

Future Savior Book Two: Resurrection

In the very Prologue of FS2: Resurrection there's a little bit of mirroring.  Someone has killed themselves and it's an obvious reference to Judas Iscariot.

Christina's return to Meric is, of course, laced with mirroring.

We learn Drexton's story and I might as well have just called him Job!

Jonus continues to resemble the Biblical King David in so many ways.

And Shaw's entire journey in the Xertic realm has quite a few scenes of mirroring.  Including Samson and Daniel.

Not to mention young Kendalwyn is a direct mirror reflection of Ester.

Future Savior Book Three: Evacuation

With all the different story lines running through FS3: Evacuation, there's a ton of Biblical mirroring in this one!  One of the biggest, and one of the most important, is the people taking Leticia's mark of loyalty.  The only way I could have made that one more obvious would have been to make the symbol three 6s!

Trayd's left-handed escape from Eglan's mansion mirrors the Bible story of Ehud.

The walls falling down around the city of Newnan was a direct reference to the walls of Jerrico.

Brezkin's interaction with the giant fish is pretty obvious.  But his less obvious scene is where he and Kayliah save the children of Travers from twenty Vaipes using only one sword.  I pulled this from Jonathan and his armor bearer defeating twenty Philistines with only one sword.

*     *     *

There's so much more Biblical themes and mirroring in The Future Savior Series than just this little bit I talked about here today.  I have a friend who likes to refer to these as "Finding Easter Eggs".  Check out the series for yourself and see how many Easter Eggs you can find!  But before you do, here's an excerpt from Future Savior Book Four: Desecration...  Sorry, to all of you die hard FS fans... this isn't about Christina and Shaw!  This is an excerpt containing some obvious Biblical mirroring.

Future Savior 4: Desecration

(This excerpt is unedited and may vary upon publication)

Nebuch walked up to Kayliah, Brezkin, and Vetter getting just inches away from their faces.  He meticulously eyed each of them in turn.  His steely grey eyes were hard and cold.
"They will not take the mark," he declared.  "And since they will not pay allegiance with the branding of their hand, they will pay with their lives by the burning of their flesh.  There…" Nebuch pointed toward a small shed-looking building close to the waters of the lake.  I was filled with so much dread.  What did he mean by "burning of their flesh"?
The strongest looking men in the crowd moved forward and grabbed my friends.  They untied them from the railings, but they quickly bound their hands behind their backs.  Then the men shoved the three of them toward the small building.  The other men began lighting torches and I realized what was going to happen.  They were going to lock my friends in the shed and burn them alive.  Brezkin and Vetter cast sad glances back toward the lifeless body of Legion, but Kayliah found Skarr in the crowd and glared at him the entire time she was moved to the shed.
Kayliah, Brezkin and Vetter where thrown into the small wooden building.  The door was securely locked behind them.  The men with the torches came forward and began setting the shed ablaze.  It didn't take long before smoke started billowing out of the crack under the door and the small windows of the shed.  Through the windows the flames could be seen reaching the whole way to the ceiling. 
As Nebuch and the others looked on, something amazing happened in the fire.  A silvery light filled the shed, over powering the glowing flames.  The light slowly formed into the shape of a man and walked in the flames alongside my friends.  I knew this form.  I had seen it in my visions multiple times.  It was an angel and I was filled with instant relief because I sensed it was there to protect my friends. 
"Didn't we throw three people into the shed?" Nebuch declared in amazement peering in the windows.
"Yes, there were three," one of the men replied.
"But look!  There are four now and it appears as if all of their ropes have been cut," Nebuch gushed.  "And the new one?  It's glowing… I mean, it doesn't look real."
"I wonder sir," a different man with pencil thin mustache said, "could it be the ghost of that man." He gestured with his head back toward Legion's dead body.
"I don't know," Nebuch replied.  Horror laced his previously fierce voice.  All of the husky men standing there watching the shed looked like frightened children.
The door to the shed burst open and the flames fingered out the door, but along with flames came Kayliah, Brezkin and Vetter.  The fourth person, the angel, vanished from sight, nowhere to be seen.  My friends were completely unharmed.  Not even their hair had been singed or their clothes blackened.  They hurried over to where the men of the village had left their discarded weapons on the ground.  Brezkin grabbed his spear and the two Mortifs their swords.  The men of the village didn't even move.  They were transfixed at the miracle they just witnessed. 

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