Monday, March 12, 2012

Enter the World of Future Savior

As you may or may not know, Future Savior Book Three: Evacuation was released earlier this month and that means it's time for me to do some shameless plugging!  Let me start by telling you about two contests I've got going on at my website right now.

#1.  Win a copy of Future Savior 1: Conception.  If you haven't checked out Future Savior yet, what better way to start then for free!

#2.  Become part of the story! Ever wish you could be a character in a fantasy novel? Now's your chance!  One lucky winner will be a character in Future Savior 4: Desecration.  How cool is that!?

Go to my website - - and enter now!

Future Savior 1: Conception
Sent from Pittsburgh to a mysterious fantasy-like land, Christina struggles not only to believe that the people of Meric have been awaiting her arrival but that she is destined to save them.
Future Savior 2: Resurrection
After dying, Christina finds herself abandoned in her past. While reliving one of the worst days of her life, she wonders if she will ever return to Meric or if her amazing adventure in the mysterious land had all been a dream.

Future Savior 3: Evacuation
While on the suicidal mission to save her brother, Christina must learn to trust Shaw again after discovering the instrumental part he played in the death of her father. Mysteries are unraveled and a new threat emerges. Will the people of Meric take Leticia's mark or will they have faith?
*     *     *
Here's what people are saying about The Future Savior Series:
"Any words that I come up with won’t do this book justice. I loved everything about Book 1 and was curious to see how Jennifer could top it. With an incredible story and a surprising ending like the one found in this book, it has definitely taken the title as my favorite in the series so far.  I loved returning to Meric.  With action, romance, mythical creatures, unexpected surprises and so much more,  Resurrection has it all. This was a great fantasy read that pulls you in from the start with a firm grip and doesn’t let up until the very last page." - A Book Lovin' Girl Reviews
 "It grabs you and pulls you right back into the story, and it doesn’t let go until your staring at the last page! Both books leave your mouth hanging wide open, with shock and appreciation of this fantastic fantasy story. I highly commend Hartz for books well written! Don’t miss out this fabulous series!!" - Page by Paige Reviews
"The descriptions of Meric are wonderful, the country and it’s people coming as alive as Tolkin’s Middle Earth" - Happily Ever After Reviews
"It’s been a long time since a story has captured me in such a way, but I couldn’t put Ms. Hartz novel down once I started it. It was as if I was reading a masterful blend of  J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis’s  Chronicles of Narnia, the Matrix, and Avatar all wrapped up in one exciting plot. It kept me scrolling page after page." - Author JoAnn Carter
"After reading Book one, I couldn’t wait for this book to come out. When it did, I spent the better part of a day giving myself a literary headache, because I honestly couldn’t put it down. That headache was well worth it. Future Savior: Resurrection was even better than Conception and that’s saying a lot. As much as I loved Book one, Resurrection is without a doubt my favorite in the series so far. Jennifer Hartz has penned an amazing book, with a plot deeply entrenched in a world so believable you won’t want to leave it or let go of the characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.If anyone loves a good fantasy and romance this series will not only satisfy you but it will leave you wanting more" - Author J. Morgan
*     *     *
I hope you're intrigued by the world of Future Savior!  Please swing by my website.  There you'll find purchase links, some more stuff about me, and how I'm giving away all the money!  (That's right I said, "giving away all the money!")  Plus you can enter the two contests I mentioned above.  You'd be crazy not to hop on over!
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  1. I really want to be a character!!! Wait, I am one, only not in your book.