Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top 10 List of Fav Sci-Fi Flicks!

Well, well, well... it's Sci-Fi September.  Ready, set GO!

On the surface, The Future Savior Series appears to be fantasy, but actually it's sci-fi at its roots.  This becomes even more clear in FS4: Desecration which will be released in December.  In this latest installment of FS the poopy hits the propellers so to speak.  I'm really excited to hear what the people think about it.

However, for today's blog I'm not going to go into great detail about FS.  I'd like to talk about some of the sci-fi movies that influenced me over the years.  So here's my top ten countdown.

Number 10:  Star Trek IV 

I'm huge on anything time travel.  What's not to love about our favorite crew going back in time to save some humpback whales!

Number 9:  Short Circuit
This movie came out when I was 7-years-old.  I loved Johnny 5!  He was ALIVE!

Number 8:  Batteries Not Included

Again, this is another one that I loved from my childhood.  Of course, Jessica Tandy would get visited by little machine aliens... it only makes sense.

Number 7:  The Matrix

I'll be the 1st to admit, I was a bit worried when I went to see this movie.  Keanu Reeves???... but WOW!  I was blown away.  The whole trilogy is an all-time favorite.  However, the first one will always be near and dear to my heart.

Number 6:  Tron

I think in many ways Tron was a predecessor to The Matrix.  Being trapped inside a computer... sounds similar.

Number 5:  E.T.

Number 5 and Number 4 on my list go hand in hand....

Number 4:  Close Encounters of the Third Kind

... both are classics, both are amazing films, and both make you wonder... are we alone in the universe???

Number 3:  The Time Machine

Of course the book is awesome, but I loved this flick too.  Guy Pierce being in it certainly helps!  Here again, we've got time travel.  Like I said, time travel is probably my favorite of the sci-fi sub-genres.

Number 2:  Back to the Future

"Think McFly, think!"  If I'm going to talk about sci-fi, say my favorite sub genre is time travel, have bunch of movies already on here from the '80s, how could I not list Back to the Future?  Fantastic!

Drum roll please.........
Probably no surprises here......
The number one movie on my list of favorite sci-fi flicks is......

Number 1:  The Empire Strikes Back

Okay... this might be a bit of a surprise.  Most people probably list A New Hope if they're listing Star Wars.  But I gotta say, I loved Empire!  It ends on such a cliffhanging downer!  If you've read even one of my Future Savior Books, you'll know I'm all about the cliffhanging downers!!!

Thanks for coming with me on this trip!  I'm sure the sci-fi community would love to bash my list but I really don't give one big harry tonton! --- all you Empire fans will know what a tonton is! ---  I love all these movies for different reasons.

So what's your favorite sci-fi flick?


  1. "Number Five Alive!" :-)

    This is a good list.

    I recently had the opportunity to meet Bruce Boxleitner, and had to make a choice between what available photo to have him autograph -- Tron, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, or Babylon 5. I was really torn between Tron and SMK, but went with SMK because that's where I first 'fell in loev' with Bruce. I discovered Tron later. :-)

    My husband got a B5 picture. :-)

    1. Nice! Obviously I would have picked Tron.

  2. I had no idea Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, and Back to the Future were considered Sci-fi flicks. WOW now I can get out of trouble with my friends who say I am illiterate about sci-fi. I actually liked these movies and think I even bought the videos at the time the arrived on the scene. :)

    1. Oh yeah! The sci-fi genre is huge!

    2. Two movies about aliens, and one about time travel... nah, no science fiction here, Paisley (LOL... just giving you a hard time).

  3. No? Thanks for the heads up, Gail. I am glad you warned me before I mentioned to JMo I have seen science fiction movies and liked them. He keeps frowning at me.

  4. Just saw the newly remastered E.T. I hadn't seen it it years and it took my breath away. Such a great message: At the end of the day, everyone just wants to go home.