Monday, June 11, 2012


Well, I'm not gonna beat  the "first time" joke to death so I'll just be straight up with everyone... I am a newbie... and I am also probably very annoying to my fellow writers.  Please believe me when I say that none of this is coming from a place of arrogance.  In fact, if you know me at all, you know how much I lack self-confidence when it comes to my writing.  I'm just as surprised as the next guy with how quickly Future Savior took off... and how much praise it gets from people who read it.

I wrote Future Savior Book One: Conception, my first ever attempt at writing, during my 2009 summer break.  I started querying that September.  By early December I was signed on with Desert Breeze... from what I understand this is very quick and very unusual for a first time writer.  Conception wasn't released until September 2010, but still a very fast turnaround for a newbie like me.

I was sooooo stoked to sign the contract from Desert Breeze!  But what I think gets me even more are the fans... I ACTUALLY HAVE REAL FANS!!!  There are people out there who are freaking out over the next book.  Who devote entire weeks to their blogs just to talk about Future Savior.  Who list The Future Savior Series right along side The Hunger Games as their favorite series of all time!!!  It is such an amazing feeling!  Knowing I have fans out there dying for the next installment keeps me writing even when I wonder, "why the heck am I doing this?"  Here are some snippets of what people have been saying about The Future Savior Series:

"An action-packed, chock-full of romance, cool-creature filled read that keeps your eyes glued to the pages!  Five stars and lots of love for this diamond of a read!  I highly recommend reading this whole series, because it will be one of your favorites!"

"Today, I bring you a special gem.  Every once and a while you take a chance and when you do you find that diamond in the rough.  Well my friends...this is that diamond...I'm glad I picked up this little bit of delight...I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down."

"'ll be anxiously awaiting the second installment just as soon as you turn the last page of CONCEPTION!"

"I give The Future Savior Series 5 stars! On second thought, scratch that... because it really deserves all the stars in the sky!! Jennifer Hartz knocked my socks off and completely blew me away! I only wish I had more hands so I could give it more than two thumbs up!!! Read it and you'll see, it is superb!"

It never ceases to amaze me that people would say such awesome things about my writing.  I must thank Gail Delaney and Desert Breeze Publishing a thousand times over for offering me that first contract.  They took a shot, not only on me, but also on a story that realistically had no right to be published.  If you know The Future Savior Series, you know it's a sub-genre of a sub-genre of a sub-genre... (Christain/Fantasy-Sci-Fi/Romance) Even though it feels so familiar it's like nothing else in existence!

If you haven't checked it out yet, please do so!  Even if you only enjoy it 1/2 as much as the people above, I think you'll still have a fun time reading!

~Jenn Hartz
The Future Savior Series

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